My Platform

Mike believes that listening to constituents
should be a trustee’s number one priority.

Improve mental health supports:
The past 2 years of COVID have been tough on students and  more mental well-being programs need to be available to assist them in recovering. I will work with mental health workers to provide the necessary tools for our students to move forward.

Address violence in schools:
There has been a significant rise in violence in Ontario schools. Our students and staff need improved protection and security where they learn. I will look at best practices being used nationally to assist with improvements in school safety.

Pandemic planning:
I will work with the regional public health unit as well as listen to the needs of the community in order to prepare for future outbreaks while providing the safest educational environment for students and staff.

Keep public education public: The provincial government has taken steps towards more privatization in the education system; this is something I oppose strongly. I will continue to work against any move to diminish our public school system or any move by the government to privatize any components of our public school system .

“As a school board trustee for Upper Grand District School Board, Mike was an amazing advocate for the needs of students and education workers. He has always been an avid supporter of the Guelph & District Labour Council and all of our events. Throughout the pandemic, he remained committed to listening to the concerns of educators.”

Jen Hesch, UGETFO VP/Chief Negotiator